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Vegetarian Restaurants near Circular Quay

Five Vegetarian restaurants are shown below from suburbs near Circular Quay. No Vegetarian restaurants are listed in Circular Quay. Enjoy a great vegetarian meal at one of the vegetarian friendly restaurants near Circular Quay.

 Vegetarian Restaurants Circular-Quay - Bodhi In The Park

Bodhi In The Park

Cook/Philip Park 49 College St, Sydney. 0.5 km from Circular-Quay 02 9360 2523
Vegetarian Restaurants Circular-Quay; Tags: Asian Chinese Yum-Cha Vegetarian Friendly
 Vegetarian Restaurant Circular-Quay - Infusion at 333

Infusion at 333

333 George St, Sydney. 0.5 km from Circular-Quay 02 9290 3333
Vegetarian Restaurant Circular-Quay; Tags: Asian Vegetarian-Friendly
 Vegetarian Restaurants Circular-Quay - Mother Chu

Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen

367 Pitt St, Sydney. 0.5 km from Circular-Quay 02 9283 2828
Vegetarian Restaurants Circular-Quay; Tags: Chinese Vegetarian Friendly
 Vegetarian Restaurant Circular-Quay - Peace Harmony Vegetarian Thai Restaurant

Peace Harmony Vegetarian Thai Restaurant

44 Erskine St, Sydney. 0.5 km from Circular-Quay 02 9262 2247
Vegetarian Restaurant Circular-Quay; Tags: Thai Vegetarian Friendly
 Vegetarian Restaurants Circular-Quay - Zenergy Vegetarian Foods

Zenergy Vegetarian Foods

68 Druitt Street, Sydney. 0.5 km from Circular-Quay 02 9261 5679
Vegetarian Restaurants Circular-Quay; Tags: Vegetarian Friendly

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