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More European Restaurants near Launceston

Enjoy additional European cuisines such as Austrian, Armenian, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Irish, Portuguese, Belgian, Russian and Swiss at a restaurant near Launceston. Individual pages are available for selected European cuisines. Three European cuisine restaurants are listed in Launceston.

 More European Restaurants Launceston - Irish Murphy

Irish Murphy's

211 Brisbane St, Launceston 03 6331 4440
More European Restaurants Launceston; Tags: Mod-Oz Irish
 More European Restaurant Launceston - Levee Food Co

Levee Food Co

27 Seaport Boulevard, Launceston 03 6334 7011
More European Restaurant Launceston; Tags: Mediterranean Mod-Oz Pizza
 More European Restaurants Launceston - Star Bar Cafe

Star Bar Cafe

113 Charles St, Launceston 03 6331 6111
More European Restaurants Launceston; Tags: Mediterranean Cafe

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