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More Asian Restaurants near Manuka

Enjoy additional Asian cuisines such as Burmese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Sri-lankan and Taiwanese at a restaurant near Manuka. Individual pages are available for selected Asian cuisines. Two Asian cuisine restaurants are shown near Manuka. One Asian cuisine restaurant is located in Manuka and one other in a suburb close to Manuka.

 More Asian Restaurants Manuka - Abells Kopi Tiam

Abells Kopi Tiam

7 Furneaux Street, Manuka 02 6239 4199
More Asian Restaurants Manuka; Tags: Malaysian
 More Asian Restaurant Manuka - Madam Woo in Kingston

Madam Woo in Kingston

38 Giles Street, Kingston. 1 km from Manuka 02 6232 6932
More Asian Restaurant Manuka; Tags: Asian

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