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Featured Restaurants near Parramatta

Four Featured restaurants are shown near Parramatta. Two Featured restaurants are located in Parramatta and two in suburbs close to Parramatta. Visit one of our featured restaurants for a great meal.

 Featured Restaurants Parramatta - Kouzina Greco Greek Restaurant

Kouzina Greco Greek Restaurant more...

16 Phillip St, Parramatta 02 9687 3669
Featured Restaurants Parramatta; Tags: Greek
 Featured Restaurant Parramatta - Platform 8 Café

Platform 8 Café more...

Near Parramatta Station in Parramatta Westfield - Great coffee with Breakfast and Lunch
Shop 1167 Level 1 Westfield 159-175 Church St, Parramatta  02 9893 8818
Featured Restaurant Parramatta; Tags: Cafe Mod-Oz
 Featured Restaurants Parramatta - Okori Teppanyaki (Moved to Granville)

Okori Teppanyaki (Moved to Granville) more...

Moved to 111 Parramatta Rd Granville, Harris Park. 0.9 km from Parramatta 02 9891 1708
Featured Restaurants Parramatta; Tags: Japanese Teppanyaki
 Featured Restaurant Parramatta - Okori Teppanyaki

Okori Teppanyaki more...

111 Parramatta Rd, Granville. 2.4 km from Parramatta 02 9891 1708
Featured Restaurant Parramatta; Tags: Japanese Teppanyaki

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Okori Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant Granville
Okori Japanese Teppanyaki
Granville NSW

Restaurant Monte - Modern Australian Restaurant Leichhardt
Restaurant Monte
Modern Australian Restaurant
Leichhardt NSW