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Cafes near New Farm

Eleven Cafes are listed in New Farm. Pop in to a cafe near New Farm for the best Espresso, latte, Cappuccino or a cup of tea, or enjoy a meal at a New Farm cafe.

 Cafes New-Farm - Bonjour Patisserie

Bonjour Patisserie

876 Brunswick Street, New Farm 07 3254 3822
Cafes New-Farm; Tags: Café Catering
 Cafe New-Farm - Café Bouquiniste

Café Bouquiniste

121 Merthyr Rd, New Farm 07 3254 1226
Cafe New-Farm; Tags: Italian Cafe
 Cafes New-Farm - Cafe Dell

Cafe Dell'ugo

693 Brunswick St, New Farm 07 3254 2188
Cafes New-Farm; Tags: Italian Cafe
 Cafe New-Farm - Cafe Portofino

Cafe Portofino

a unique Italian inspired cafe and pasticeria with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere
650 Brunswick Street, New Farm 07 3358 4002
Cafe New-Farm; Tags: Italian Cafe
 Cafes New-Farm - Chocolat Patisserie & Cafe

Chocolat Patisserie & Cafe

1030 Brunswick Street, New Farm 07 3358 1482
Cafes New-Farm; Tags: Cafe
 Cafe New-Farm - Himalayan Cafe

Himalayan Cafe

640-642 Brunswick St, New Farm 07 3358 4015
Cafe New-Farm; Tags: Cafe
 Cafes New-Farm - Merthyr Cafe Chinese Cuisine

Merthyr Cafe Chinese Cuisine

170 Merthyr Rd, New Farm 07 3358 1140
Cafes New-Farm; Tags: Chinese Cafe
 Cafe New-Farm - Moray Cafe

Moray Cafe

1/158 Moray St, New Farm 07 3254 1342
Cafe New-Farm; Tags: Cafe
 Cafes New-Farm - The Continental Cafe

The Continental Cafe

21 Barker Street, New Farm 07 3254 0377
Cafes New-Farm; Tags: Café Mod-Oz European
 Cafe New-Farm - The Deli

The Deli

900 Brunswick Street, New Farm 07 3358 2634
Cafe New-Farm; Tags: Café Deli
 Cafes New-Farm - The Little Larder

The Little Larder

76 Moray Street, New Farm 07 3358 2024
Cafes New-Farm; Tags: Cafe

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