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Cafes near Darling Harbour

Eleven Cafes are listed in Darling Harbour. Pop in to a cafe near Darling Harbour for the best Espresso, latte, Cappuccino or a cup of tea, or enjoy a meal at a Darling Harbour cafe.

 Cafes Darling-Harbour - Thai Foon Restaurant

Thai Foon Restaurant more...

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Authentic Thai cuisine with spectacular views of Sydney skyline
Level 2 Shop 329 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour 02 9281 2005
Cafes Darling-Harbour; Tags: Thai Function-Venue Cafe Vegetarian-Options Bar

 Cafes Darling-Harbour - Buzz Bar & Café

Buzz Bar & Café

Level 1 Shop 100 Harbourside Centre, Darling Harbour 02 9211 7000
Cafes Darling-Harbour; Tags: Café
 Cafe Darling-Harbour - Cafe B&C

Cafe B&C

Shop 473/475 Harbourside Centre Level 2, Darling Harbour 02 9211 5022
Cafe Darling-Harbour; Tags: Cafe
 Cafes Darling-Harbour - Cafe Fioriani

Cafe Fioriani's

Shop 297, Festival Market Place, Darling Harbour 02 9211 1777
Cafes Darling-Harbour; Tags: Cafe
 Cafe Darling-Harbour - Chinese Garden Teahouse

Chinese Garden Teahouse

Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour 02 9281 4197
Cafe Darling-Harbour; Tags: Chinese Cafe
 Cafes Darling-Harbour - Festival Cafe

Festival Cafe

Shop 437 Harbourside Centre, Darling Harbour 02 9281 8727
Cafes Darling-Harbour; Tags: Mod-Oz Cafe
 Cafe Darling-Harbour - Kol

Kol's Kebab

12 Harbour St Shop 32, Darling Harbour 02 9262 7011
Cafe Darling-Harbour; Tags: Turkish Cafe
 Cafes Darling-Harbour - Lobby Lounge The

Lobby Lounge The

161 Sussex Street Four Points by Sheraton, Darling Harbour 02 9290 4627
Cafes Darling-Harbour; Tags: Cafe Bar
 Cafe Darling-Harbour - St Moritz Chocolate Lounge

St Moritz Chocolate Lounge

Shop 109 Level 1 Harbourside, Darling Harbour 02 9212 0337
Cafe Darling-Harbour; Tags: Café Chocolate
 Cafes Darling-Harbour - Starbucks


Kiosk K17 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour 02 9280 4604
Cafes Darling-Harbour; Tags: Cafe
 Cafe Darling-Harbour - Starbucks - 5

Starbucks - 5

Level 1 Imax Cinema Complex Cockle Bay 31 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour 02 9261 4561
Cafe Darling-Harbour; Tags: Cafe

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